What advantages you get using the OXYDATOR !

a) Oxygen supply without electricity and pipes.

b) Oxygen supply also in wintertime under a thick layer of ice.

c) Oxygen reaches into deep areas, which are poor of oxygen, without stirling up dirty water or rotten material.

d) Redox potential, a parameter that gives you a imagination of the oxidation power of your water, increases a lot. This stops algae growing, stops changing nitrate (NO3) to poisonous nitrite (NO2) and makes it possible that organic matter can be oxidized to CO2.

e) To understand a very important quality of oxygen supply through the OXYDATOR we need the assistance of a figure. The figure shows the dependency of pH-value from the CO2-content of the water:

The more CO2 is dissolved in the water, the lower the pH-value. Carbon is the most important nutritive substance, it's contained in water as carbon dioxide, carbonic acid and calcium-hydrogen-carbonate (CHC). Higher plants are using more easily carbon dioxide, while most algae pick up carbon out of calcium-hydrogen-carbonate. A large quantity of free carbon dioxide is good for higher waterplants and a large quantity of CHC is good for algae

How can we use this knowledge to suppress growth of algae ?

The answer is to offer a lot of CO2 and to reduce CHC in the water. The lower pH-value, the more free CO2 is dissolved in water and the less CHC. From the figure one can see, that's important to have a lot of CO2 in the water and that's keeping pH-value low. Flowing or even air ventilated water contradicts this demand. CO2-content in the water always try to reach a balance with air and that's only about 0,5 mg CO2/liter. The pH-value than is adjusted at 8,9 by 10o DH. From the drawing you can see, that also much higher pH-values, which can be harmful for fish, are possible. This happens for example then, when assimilation (growing of plants) is stimulated through sunshine and more CO2 will be consumed. Suppression of algae growing is not only a question of aesthetics, it's also useful for healthy fish. The figure shows you also, that evaluation of measured pH-values can be problematic, particularly in a pond. CO2-content decreases through assilmilation during daytime, while at night CO2-content increases through respiration. So it's possible that you will measure a pH-value of 7 in the morning and one from 10 in the evening. That means, that the pH-value is qualified to get a statement about sunshine, algae growing and way of oxygen supply, but not about the properties of water.

In summary we can say, that oxygen supply with the OXYDATOR is superior to all other ways of oxygen supply, working with water moving devices !