Generell questions after having purchased the


a) There are no oxygen bubbles coming from the OXYDATOR?

The oxygen bubbles produced by the OXYDATOR are so small, that they normally can't be seen from outside the pond. Only if there is a layer of dust or ice on the surface you are able to see a circle of tiny bubbles. So, even if you can't see bubbles, the OXYDATOR is working, the important point is, that OXYDATOR-solution will be coming out.

b) The OXYDATOR isn't floating to the surface, when empty?

- In many cases the OXYDATOR was already at the surface, but it hasn't been noticed over a longer period of time and it dived again. The acrilic container then is filled up with pond water. You have to get out the OXYDATOR with a rake or something else. Before using the OXYDATOR again, you must clean the avcrilic container two or three times with a small amount (20ml) of OXYDATOR-solution (30%) to remove pondwater, bacteria or dirt.

- The ceramic beaker is to heavy and the buoyance is to less. You can easily test this by taking a wet ceramic beaker with an empty acrilic container inside in water. Is the OXYDATOR not floating, it's a reason to complain and we will replace the ceramic beaker for free.

c) Fish still gasping for oxygen and algae growing unchanged, whats wrong?

Underdosing! This may have different reasons:

- You have placed the acrilic container in the ceramic beaker with screw upside.

- There is no catalyst in the acrilic container.

- You took by mistake 3% or 6% OXYDATOR-solution instead of 30% OXYDATOR-solution.

- You got pure water instead of OXYDATOR-solution.

- Your pond is to big, you have to much fish in the pond, you feed to much food, to much fertilizer or organic material got into the pond. You can help by using more OXYDATORS