On what dosage and working period depending on?

a) What is dosage meaning?

Dosage is the daily added amount of oxygen to water by the OXYDATOR. 3 facts determine dosage: 1) number of catalysts used, 2) concentration of OXYDATOR-solution used, 3) water temperature. Doubling number of catalysts doubles also dosage. By every increase of water temperature of 8oC, dosage will be also doubled. This is particularly welcome, because oxygen production increases in the same amount as oxygen is more consumed in the water. Doubling concentration of OXYDATOR-solution causes, in difference to catalysts, a dosage 4-times higher as before. This is, because double quantity of OXYDATOR-solution is expelled from the container and this solution contains double quantity of oxygen. You get a dramatic increase, if you use for example 30% solution instead of 3% solution. Than you will get a dosage that is 100 times higher than before.

b) On what working period is depending on?

Working period will be longer, the larger the reservoir of OXYDATOR-solution and the smaller dosage is. This leads to the advantage that for example, during a hot summertime working period can be under 5 weeks, and in wintertime by freezing temperature it can last more than 5 months.

c) How much oxygen is produced by the OXYDATOR?

The amount of oxygen that is stored in an OXYDATOR depeds on volume of the solution-container and concentration of the solution. One liter of a 30% OXYDATOR-solution contains 156 gramms (= 110 liters) of oxygen, that is the amount of oxygen solved in 20.000 liters of oxygen saturated water. In 6% respectively 3% solution it is 1/5 respectively 1/10 of that. We have learned, that dosage, the daily produced amount of oxygen, strongly depends on water-temperature. At 25°C and one catalyst are these for 30%-solution: 5000mg oxygen per day, for 6%-solution: 270mg oxygen per day and for 3%-solution 65mg oxygen per day.