Frequently asked questions

What's an OXYDATOR ?

The OXYDATOR is a unit which produces pure oxygen. It can be used for aquaria and garden ponds up to 20.000 liters (USA~5300gallons; GB~4400gallons).

Is the Oxydator available in different sizes ?

Yes, there are 4 sizes.

The largest one is the OXYDATOR W for garden ponds with a treatment rate up to 4000 liters (USA~1060 gallons; GB~880 gallons). It is floating to the surface of the pond when it is empty and shows to you that way, refilling is necessary.

The other 3 types of OXYDATORS should only be used for aquaria. There are:

The Mini OXYDATOR for aquaria up to 30 liters (USA~8 gallons; GB~7 gallons)

The OXYDATOR D for aquaria up to 100 liters (USA~27 gallons; GB~22 gallons)

The OXYDATOR A for aqauria up to 400 liters (USA~106 gallons; GB~88 gallons).

For tanks larger than 400 liters a second OXYDATOR A should be used up to water quantities of 800 liters. For tanks larger than that, one OXYDATOR W, operated with 30% OXYDATOR-solution should be used.

How does the OXYDATOR work ?

On what dosage and working period depending on?

What advantages you get using the OXYDATOR ?

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