Special informations about the OXYDATORS for aquaria

a) OXYDATOR A for aquaria up to 400 liters

You can use the OXYDATOR A also for larger aquaria, but then working period will decrease. For example: using 6% OXYDATOR-solution at 25°C:

size of aquaria 100-200 liters 200-400 liters 400-600 liters

catalysts: 1 2 3

working period in weeks: 4 2 1.3

If you have a tank with 400 liters and a working period of 2 weeks is too short for you (e.g.: for holidays), you can also use two OXYDATORS with 1 catalyst each and you get a working period of 4 weeks.

b) OXYDATOR D for aquaria up to 100 liters

For aquaria with more than 50 liters you should use 6% OXYDATOR-solution. Working period then is reduced to 2 weeks.

c) Mini OXYDATOR for aquaria up to 30 liters

The "Mini" is delivered completely with 6% OXYDATOR-solution. Working period is 3 to 4 weeks, because smaller and weaker catalysts are used. Through it's low price and smallness you can easily use 3 or 4 Mini-OXYDATORS to operate also larger aquaria. Also only 1 Mini-OXYDATOR will be enough for larger tanks if you are using a large catalyst (from OXYDATOR A, D or W)

instead a small "Mini"-catalyst. This can be very usefull if there is an emergency like a breakdown of your filtersystem or a power failure, or you transport fish over a longer period of time, or you have an increased oxygen need through to many fish or increased water temperature.

All OXYDATORS can be used together with a CO2-supporter without any problems. Through this combination you will decrease need of CO2. Before using an OXYDATOR, please read instruction manual with attention!